Jennifer Darknight (inuyashanohime) wrote,
Jennifer Darknight

Request/Idea box

Want to drop an idea in the request bucket? Want me to write something, or at least try to test me to write something when I'm not slaving over my other originals/fics?

Well, this is the (permanent) place to do this. 

I've been making request threads on my main journal for so long, but I've decided to give this thread a permanent home.

Well, one will be here, and a monthly duplicate will be put on jen_fics, in case people watch one and not the other.

The Rules

The Rules are simple, really.

Just comment to this thread, and just follow the following format:

Rating (if you want):

You don't have to use the form, but at least give me a good idea of what you want, ok? :3

Note: Don't worry, all of those who responded to my last request thread! I am working on yours--it's just taking me a bit of time DX
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