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In this journal, I will be talking about things that some people might find offensive. Like religion, politics...and other numerous things that you wouldn't want to say in a place where a puritanical woman with a tendency for heart attacks is present. I do admit, my views and ideas are a bit strange and over-the-top at times...but they are mine and they will always be mine, and I will not appreciate any flaming, wanking, and all-out insulting me because of said beliefs.

If you have a problem with them, great. Please feel free to start a debate. But don't FLAME me over it...flames make me sad...and are made for bonfires. xD

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Edit (August 8, 2007): 

My fanfiction will be posted here, but there will be stuff not posted in this here journal or communities, and that, my friends, will be posted on my fanfic comm 

jen_fics  (though don't fret, guys--I will still be posting fics in this journal too--in fact, I'll be posting journal-specific fanfics and whatnot that will only be made for my flist...but for general fics and all that, jen_fics is the place to go). 

And a lemming (as cuylerjade put it), I also have a myspace, and I've had one for a long while now (thanks to ssjkawaiitenshi for the profile edit!). Feel free to look around, add me or whatever. I don't really use it much...mostly I use it to communicate with those who are too lazy to get a frikin Livejournal DX.

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And apparently I used Cuylerjade's myspace as my link on accident DX

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Request/Idea box

Want to drop an idea in the request bucket? Want me to write something, or at least try to test me to write something when I'm not slaving over my other originals/fics?

Well, this is the (permanent) place to do this. 

I've been making request threads on my main journal for so long, but I've decided to give this thread a permanent home.

Well, one will be here, and a monthly duplicate will be put on jen_fics, in case people watch one and not the other.

The Rules

The Rules are simple, really.

Just comment to this thread, and just follow the following format:

Rating (if you want):

You don't have to use the form, but at least give me a good idea of what you want, ok? :3

Note: Don't worry, all of those who responded to my last request thread! I am working on yours--it's just taking me a bit of time DX
Clock Tower//body out window nao plz?

[Fic] MMX, Iwamoto!Verse: "Eternal Sky"; Zero / X.

Title: Eternal Sky
Fandom: MMX
Universe: Manga (Also known as Iwamoto!verse)
Characters: Zero, X. Mentions of Marty and Dr. Cain.
Pairing: Zero / X. So Zero / X it hurts in the soul.
Warnings: Other than Zero being heavily romantic? Spoilers for the X3 manga? Second-hand embarrassment from reading this (because I know I got it while writing it!)?
Note: This is pretty much a romantic retelling of a seriously shippunching scene from the MMX4 manga. All but the last couple lines from X and Zero, dialogue-wise, are from said manga (if not adapted a bit from its literal Japanese translation to sound more natural), and I even stared at the comic panels to make sure they were moving and facing each other correctly, in accordance to the original comic pages (Which stopped at a particular bit. You'll know where). And the tons of sun metaphors? Considering that Zero uses these in that universe, I felt they were appropriate. NOT EVEN SORRY, GUYS.
Written to: "Endless Story" by Yuna Ito.
Summary: As Zero stays behind at X's homecoming, he's finally given the opportunity to give words to the dynamic the two of them have had for so long.

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Clock Tower//Ann and Jennifer//BFF!!

Drabbles: [Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 + Sonic the Hedgehog] Worry, Wasteland, Whiskey and Rum, and War

Note: All of these take place in a crossover Universe of my own creation, in which Tails, from the Sonic Universe, is hurtled into Amestris after the end of Tails' Adventure for the Game Gear (only for Riza, Tails, and Roy to be thrown to Mobius -- Sonic SatAM canon -- a year after the end events of FMA 2003. Separated, the three try to find each other and hitch a ride home). During which time he meets Roy, and even with conspiracies, accusations of being a Chimera (LOTS of accusations of being a Chimera), and misadventures alongside the Elric Brothers, somehow he and the Flame Alchemist manage to become some sort of offbeat family. 

This is a rather personal universe to me, and I already have fic in the works for it. It's strange, but I've always been fascinated with offbeat family dynamics, and so here I am. 

Title: Worry
Characters: Gracia, Roy
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Timeline: Anytime during the FMA 2003 timeline.

Collapse )

Title: Wasteland
Characters: Roy, mentions of Tails
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, of sorts
Timeline: After the family is transported to Mobius, post FMA 2003. 

Collapse )

Title: Whiskey and Rum
Characters: Roy and Tails
Rating: PG for a minor trying to drink alcohol
Genre: Humor
Timeline: After FMA 2003, but before they are shipped to Mobius.

Collapse )

Title: War
Characters: Roy and Tails
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Timeline: After FMA 2003, but before they are shipped to Mobius.

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Edward Elric x Alfons Heiderich -- <3

Fullmetal Alchemist Drabble; Edward Elric x Alfons Heiderich -- "Routine"

 Title: Routine
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Genre: Introspect
Pairing: Edward Elric x Alfons Heiderich
Timeline: Post-Conqueror of Shamballa. Alfons is living in Amestris with Ed.
Summary: It was back to a well-known routine. 
Note: This is something I wrote partially out of just...a need to write it. it's an introspective, artistic, and rather pointless piece, but I had just managed to find my old Explosions in the Sky albums (Which I've always considered my 'EdHei music'), and after hearing about the new FMA movie coming out, I got really nostalgic for this pairing again (especially Alfons). Even though the story itself is more of a character piece, I'd still like to write more with these two characters, and I'm really getting the inspiration to really start writing them again. I know Brotherhood's been out for a while, but...I dunno. There's just something about the movie, the first series, and Alfons in general that just draws me back to it. I'm still not sure what it is. 

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Alfons Heiderich -- "Myaa?"

...Yes. I'm doing it.

Table for the Crossovers 50 Community. 
My Clam: Sonic the Hedgehog + Fullmetal Alchemist 2003. 

Yes. I'm actually going to turn that crack universe into a series of fanfics. Or a single fanfic. Either way? Yeeeaaaah. 

01. Valentine. 02. Thanksgiving. 03. Halloween. 04. Christmas. 05. New Years.
06. Morning. 07. Afternoon. 08. Night. 09. Sun. 10. Moon.
11. Restaurant. 12. Theatre. 13. Beach. 14. Class. 15. Musical.
16. Reunion. 17. Rain. 18. Sunny. 19. Cloudy. 20. Snow.
21. Cold. 22. Hot. 23. Swim. 24. Run. 25. Walk.
26. Fly. 27. Climb. 28. Nightmares. 29. Cry. 30. Smile.
31. Haunted. 32. Water. 33. Fire. 34. Wind. 35. Earth.
36. Birthday. 37. Birth. 38. Death. 39. Enemies. 40. Lovers.
41. Family. 42. Friends. 43. Strangers. 44. Parents. 45. Children.
46. Writer's Choice. 47. Writer's Choice. 48. Writer's Choice. 49. Writer's Choice. 50. Writer's Choice.

Fuko Ibuki -- SHOOT! <3

[Sonic the Hedgehog] God Save the Children -- Introduction: "God Save the Children"

Title: God Save the Children
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM + Fleetway + SegaSonic)
Characters: Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit
Pairings: Sonic the Hedgehog x Sally Acorn, future Tails x Amy, onesided Amy x Sonic.
Genre: Adventure / Friendship / Family themes
Warnings: Spoilers for Tails' Adventure, Sonic Adventure, Sonic CD, and Sonic SatAM, just to name a few things.
Summary: After surviving the destruction of their home, Miles Prower, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit hide amongst the denizens of Knothole for Sanctuary; five years later, they are thrust into a conflict that is beyond Robotnik--a conflict that will change the world forever. (Sonic SatAM AU)

Author's Note: This is actually a story I've been working on for a long time, and I already have a good bit of it on I've always wanted to write a Tails-centric Sonic fic since I was a kid, and after enough Sonic SatAM, I finally got the courage to write it. It's Sentimental--more of a tribute to my childhood than anything else. But also it's a test to see if I can finally *FINISH SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE*

                                                                                                 Collapse )

Crack!Fic / Crossover: Sonic the Hedgehog + FullMetal Alchemist: "Astraphobia"

Title: Astraphobia
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) + Sonic the Hedgehog
Characters: Roy Mustang, Miles "Tails" Prower, Jean Havoc
Genre: Humor / Family
Author's note: This is part of a cracked-out Universe of my creation, in which, after a transmutation gone wrong (which is later revealed to just be the Chaos Emeralds going haywire at the end of Tails' Adventure, right after the final battle with the leader of the Kukku Battlebirds), Roy Mustang finds a five-year-old Tails lying unconscious in front of him. Fixed with no choice, Roy is forced to look after the kid, in hopes of finding out who he is, and it was either that or having him shoved in a lab and experimented on. The entire thing is pure, absolute CRACK, but after discussing it with a friend of mine, I might actually make something of this...even if it was written and thought up at 4 in the morning during a case of extreme sleep deprivation. 
Author's Note 2: Tails is 5 years old in this fic (since he's taken right after Tails' Adventure), and this takes place prior to episode 13. 
Warning: Unbetaed and crackfic.
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. 
Note: I'll start working on those drabbles for that meme ASAP, now that I finally have some free time on my hands.

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