Jennifer Darknight (inuyashanohime) wrote,
Jennifer Darknight

YGO fanfic: "Heroism" (Pharaoh + Miho)

Title: Heroism

Characters: The Nameless Pharaoh, Miho Nosaka, Hiroto Honda, Yuugi Mutou, Jonouchi Katsuya, Ryou Bakura.

Genre: Friendship

Twist: This is a oneshot inspired by the fanfic “Variation on a Theme” by Scribbler, in which Anzu inherited Yami instead of Yuugi. But I took this one step further—what if Miho, the overly-bubbly blue-haired girl from Season 0, did it instead? This reflects my speculation as of how this would turn out. And unlike normal fics of this nature, this isn't a romance story. Also, Yami and his partner don't just get along magically well. They do argue. A lot.

Words: 3, 376

Summary: Miho wasn't heroic by any means, but she found that when it came to the strange, savage man living inside her head, she could become a hero.

Note: The story, as it does star Miho, is a hybrid of Season 0 Canon and Duel Monsters Canon. The story itself takes place during the precursor of Battle City. And if you're wondering who “Yuu” is, that's actually the Pharaoh. Miho just calls him “Yuu” due to his resemblance to Yuugi. And since this is based in part on Season 0 Canon, Honda is a sort of developed version of his Season 0 self, who's slowly growing into his more wild Duel Monsters counterpart.

(Just another day...)
Tags: fanfiction, yu-gi-oh!
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