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[Sonic the Hedgehog] God Save the Children -- Introduction: "God Save the Children"

Title: God Save the Children
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM + Fleetway + SegaSonic)
Characters: Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit
Pairings: Sonic the Hedgehog x Sally Acorn, future Tails x Amy, onesided Amy x Sonic.
Genre: Adventure / Friendship / Family themes
Warnings: Spoilers for Tails' Adventure, Sonic Adventure, Sonic CD, and Sonic SatAM, just to name a few things.
Summary: After surviving the destruction of their home, Miles Prower, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit hide amongst the denizens of Knothole for Sanctuary; five years later, they are thrust into a conflict that is beyond Robotnik--a conflict that will change the world forever. (Sonic SatAM AU)

Author's Note: This is actually a story I've been working on for a long time, and I already have a good bit of it on I've always wanted to write a Tails-centric Sonic fic since I was a kid, and after enough Sonic SatAM, I finally got the courage to write it. It's Sentimental--more of a tribute to my childhood than anything else. But also it's a test to see if I can finally *FINISH SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE*


"The servers are the seven chaos.
Chaos is power,
Power enriched by the heart.
The controller is the one that unifies the chaos."

~Ancient Poem, Origin Unknown.


Millennia ago, the Planet Mobius had been a peaceful world, at one with nature and the forces around it. Beauty abundant, it was as though it was a paradise for the inhabitants, allowing for much natural resources, bustling economies, and flourishing trade. Nations walked abreast other nations, and races intermingled and spoke with one another as one, thinking not of species or creed but as brothers, and the brotherhood of them thus as Mobians.

One of these many races was the Echidna. A proud people, they lived on what is now known as the Mysterious Angel Island, which was blessed with miraculous powers. Ancient Artefacts, as old as the Planet itself, resided there, but none dared disturb them or attempt to use their power. Rather, though they trained themselves as warriors, they lived in peace.

The "Angel Island" was not even an island then.

Years passed, centuries passed, and soon my Grandmother died, and my father, Pachacamac, was brought to power. At first, he was a kind and compassionate man, willing to do what was best for the people...

But upon my mother's death, he changed. Gone was the kind father I had known, and he transformed into something else entirely—a warmonger, wishing nothing more than domination over the other Echidna tribes, destroying them one by one with intense military might.

Soon, it was not a surprise that he had wished to turn to the ancient artefacts, what my Grandmother had called the "Seven Chaos", to bolster his own power. He had gone to the Shrine, faced the Shrine Keeper and tried to take the power for himself. I tried to stop him, but I was cast aside where I stood, the innocent keepers of the Chaos slaughtered.

The Shrine Keeper grew angry, and the slaughter began. Hundreds were left to die, and much of my brethren was slain overnight...I was certain that if something was not done, all would be lost.

With what little strength I had left, at the expense of my body, I begged the Master Emerald, the Mediator of the Chaos, to seal away the Keeper, never to allow him to harm anyone again.

And so it had been and shall be. The Master Emerald heard my plea, but the weight of our Sins was too great. What was once our great home was lifted into the sky, becoming "Angel Island", forcing what was left of us to repent and guard that which we had forsaken and taken for granted, in hopes that the Shrine Keeper would never be released.

It was then that what we called the Seven Chaos was scattered to the winds, one of which falling on a small Island off the coast of the Mainland. Redubbed "Chaos Emeralds", they were but a legend for treasure-seekers, though none had been able to find them.

Not even me.

With the Emeralds away from their resting place, the world was set out of Balance. Dr. Julian Robotnik claimed the once-eternal Kingdom of Mobotropolis, twisting it into a robotic monstrosity that leeched the life of the planet. Wars broke out, people made bids for power, and many searched for the wayward emeralds—those who believed in the legends, at any rate. Most dismissed them as a fairy tale. None found them.

None but one. A single woman who had taken it home for her barely-infant son, with no knowledge of the power she had held in her hand. Such a pure and selfless deed, not knowing what she had condemned herself and her son to, as certainly she would have left it as it was if she had known.

Five years ago, as expected, the island that served as this Emerald's resting place was set aflame, and three children—including the unwitting bearer of the Emerald—left it, not knowing that the stone they so coveted was that which the marauders had sought.

So shall it be, it has begun. With one found, others would follow, and they would never know peace, so long as they hold that which so many seek.

God Save the Children, for they have caused the Wheel of Fate to turn.

God Save the Children, for only they can bring together the Seven Chaos.

God Save the Children, for only they shall bring the world to Harmony once again.

Tags: fanfiction, god save the children, sonic the hedgehog
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