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Drabbles: [Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 + Sonic the Hedgehog] Worry, Wasteland, Whiskey and Rum, and War

Note: All of these take place in a crossover Universe of my own creation, in which Tails, from the Sonic Universe, is hurtled into Amestris after the end of Tails' Adventure for the Game Gear (only for Riza, Tails, and Roy to be thrown to Mobius -- Sonic SatAM canon -- a year after the end events of FMA 2003. Separated, the three try to find each other and hitch a ride home). During which time he meets Roy, and even with conspiracies, accusations of being a Chimera (LOTS of accusations of being a Chimera), and misadventures alongside the Elric Brothers, somehow he and the Flame Alchemist manage to become some sort of offbeat family. 

This is a rather personal universe to me, and I already have fic in the works for it. It's strange, but I've always been fascinated with offbeat family dynamics, and so here I am. 

Title: Worry
Characters: Gracia, Roy
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Timeline: Anytime during the FMA 2003 timeline.

Roy, he's all right.”

A pause extended on the phone line, man and woman holding their breaths and waiting for something...anything.

...I know.” Though the sound of his tone didn't seem as confident as he'd hoped.

Gracia let out a soft laugh on the other line. “His fever has gone down, and he's sleeping now. Do you want me to pass a message along for when he wakes up?” 

Another pause.

...No. No, that's all right. I'll just pick him up when I finish work.”

Just don't worry yourself sick, all right?” 

Title: Wasteland
Characters: Roy, mentions of Tails
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, of sorts
Timeline: After the family is transported to Mobius, post FMA 2003. 

 Mobius—home of the young boy he called 'son', filled with wonders beyond his imagination, where Alchemy didn't exist, and Magic seemed to be laced with the most advanced of Technology...

A land of nothing but terror, war, and machines ready to rip the life out of the blood of the Planet.

Poison. Death.

Despite what they had been through on Amestris, somehow Roy found himself being grateful that THAT was Tails's home, rather than having to grow up in a place like THIS

Title: Whiskey and Rum
Characters: Roy and Tails
Rating: PG for a minor trying to drink alcohol
Genre: Humor
Timeline: After FMA 2003, but before they are shipped to Mobius.

 Roy had always told him that the top cabinet was off-limits. It was 'grownup stuff', stuff that a five year old fox kit couldn't possibly understand or comprehend, and getting into it was punishable by the worst Roy could possibly think of.

But he was eight years old, he kept telling himself. He'd gone through a lot during his short life: he liberated an island from evil birds and ended up hurtling into another world, he went on adventures with Ed (the ones his father would allow him to go on, anyway), hid out in Resembool after he found out that the leader of the country was a non-human thing created by Alchemy (Tails still thought it was magic; science didn't randomly set things on fire, no matter how Ed tried to pass it off as anything but), and even helped beat up that robot-thing when he tried to kill Roy. He wasn't a kid anymore. If anything, he had to have been considered a full-grown adult.

...Besides, it wasn't like he couldn't reach the thing by flying anyway, and any lock Roy might have put on it was easily picked.

Alcohol was bad for minors, he knew. The books all said so. There were reasons why the drinking age was set to twenty in Amestris.

They were humans, though! Scientifically, a Mobian fox had to have different reactions to alcohol than a human minor did (no, not a minor—he was a grown-up now), so it was perfectly reasonable and logical for him to disregard such laws as meaningless since they didn't differentiate by race (the fact that the lawmakers had never seen a talking fox was completely irrelevant).

It was perfectly reasonable for him to want to drink that amber liquid sitting in that bottle. He was a grownup now, and since he was grown up, he was going to do grown up things like Roy and Riza did!

***, what have we learned?”

Was Roy talking? It seemed more like he was pounding words into his skull with how much his head was hurting. One glass was all he'd wanted to drink. One of those small glasses that Roy used (he'd washed it and everything!), that was all! Roy managed to, and he liked it—though did it always make you so sick? Or make your head want to explode out of your skull?

He'd already spent thirty minutes heaving over the toilet; he hoped it wasn't going to get any worse.

That grownup stuff is for grownups.”

Very good.”

And Alcohol is gross. I don't wanna drink it ever again.”

I'll hold you to that.”

Title: War
Characters: Roy and Tails
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Timeline: After FMA 2003, but before they are shipped to Mobius.

...No, I don't think you're going to win this one.”

Young boy stood obstinate, feet planted in the ground and blue eyes wide, staring straight at him.

A sigh.

You're eight years old now—I suppose you can stay up to listen to the radio show with me tonight.”

The young boy cheered as another battle is won. 

Tags: fanfiction, fma, sonic the hedgehog
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